Is it necessary to have a pest control report done before buying a home?

As a real estate broker who’s been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years I would say that you’re crazy if you don’t get a “pest control” inspection done before buying any house. There are not just for termites but include dry rot, boring beetles and other “wood destroying” organisms which can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage or even (in extreme cases) bring a house down. Once you know how much the damage is then you can negotiate with the seller to either have the work done before close of escrow or give you a credit so you can do it later (but don’t wait too long because these things only get worse). If you don’t have an inspection done and there’s $50,000 worth of damage (I have seen more) then the house is worth $50,000 less because of the work that needs to be done.

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