How much does a real estate agent make if he sells 50 million dollars worth of houses per year?

According to Core Logic the average home in the San Francisco Bay Area cost $935,000 in July of 2018. To sell $50,000,000 worth of real estate an agent would have to sell 1 home a week which, I would guess, less than 1% of all agents sell this many houses. In fact, in my experience, most agents in the Bay Area would be glad to sell 5 houses a year. In most boards of Realtors® about half of the agents didn’t sell even 1 house in 2018. Anyway, here are the numbers:

* All numbers are for illustration purposes only

A. Assuming they don’t represent both buyer and seller

B. Commission splits are negotiated between agents and the broker

C. Assuming 26% federal, 8.7% state, 15.3% self-employment tax

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