How long does it take to make money after getting a real estate license?

Plan on at least six months before you see a commission check but it could be sooner. If you have clients ready to buy or sell property immediately after you get your license it could take as little as two months.

If you have a ready, willing and able buyer it will take maybe a month to find a suitable property and probably another month to close it. Otherwise, plan on it taking a couple of months to locate a buyer and then the two-month process of finding them a home and closing it begins.

If you have a ready, willing and able seller it will likely take at least a month to get their house ready to sell and then another six weeks to find a suitable buyer and then close the sale. Otherwise, plan on it taking 4–6 months to find a seller and then the two-and-a-half month process of prepping, marketing and closing the sale begins.

It’s amazing to me how many people think selling real estate is an easy and quick way to make money. The hardest part is getting clients and then the real work begins…

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