What does it cost to sell your own house?

More than it’s worth! Are you an expert at real estate marketing, staging, finance, high-level negotiations, disclosures, and contract law? If not, you’re a fool to try to sell your own house because you probably won’t get top dollar and you’re likely to end-up in a lawsuit with your buyer.

For example, on my last listing my seller wanted to get $580,000 for his house. Instead, I made him spend $8,000 to fix it up, $2,000 to stage it and $1,000 to do inspections. Then I marketed it like crazy using every possible media outlet. As a result, he netted $145,000 MORE than he wanted.

Would an owner selling their own house have been willing or able to do that? Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Hire a professional and pay them what they’re worth.

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