Is there any website that owners can advertise their properties on without agents being involved?

Sure, there are plenty of “For Sale By Owner” sites but why would you want one???

The best way to get the highest price for your property is to expose it to as many real estate agents as possible because they are most likely to bring you a buyer. The more buyers… the higher the sale price (basic law of supply and demand). Why would you deliberately reduce the demand for your property?

Smart property sellers focus on maximizing the (approximately) 94% that goes in their pocket by getting exposure to the largest possible market rather than trying to minimize the (approximately) 6% that gets divided between the listing and selling brokers and their agents by cutting incentives for agents to show the property. Don’t forget that the brokers’ commissions are tax-deductible as a cost of sale whereas all of the time that you spend doing all of thire work is not deductible.

Agents also help to reduce your liability. Sellers naturally want to disclose as little negative information as possible about their property while buyers want as much as possible disclosed. Do you see any potential for a lawsuit here?

Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish. Consider hiring a real estate professional to sell your property. Would you do your own root canal or brain surgery?

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