Is becoming a Realtor a good career choice?

It depends. Becoming a real estate professional is NOT a good career choice if you:

  • Want or need a steady and predictable income.
  • Are not comfortable with talking with strangers every single day to get clients.
  • Cannot handle rejection which is a big part of getting the few clients that you will work with.
  • Don’t like solving problems because every transaction has its own particular challenges.
  • Can’t deal with a different types of people and personalities.
  • Aren’t self-motivated and need someone to tell you what to do.
  • Don’t possess the self-confidence to believe that you can succeed in a business where 85% can’t survive their first three years.
  • Aren’t willing to work extremely hard at all times of the day or night and on weekends with no guarantee that you will ever get paid.
  • Need to be apppreciate because most people believe that agents don’t do much to earn our commissions and make way more than we really do.

All that being said, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 44 years’ in the profession. Many of my clients have become life-long friends and it’s been an honor serving them. Helping people overcome the challenges of real estate keeps my mind active and the physical rigors of the business is better than going to the gym. I may never retire!!!

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