How do I sell my home if there’s an ugly house next door?

An ugly house next door is every owner’s and listing agent’s nightmare! Over the past 42 years I have:

  • Paid to have a high school student regularly mow their lawn.
  • Offered to have my seller share the cost of painting the front of the ugly house.
  • Offered the services of my landscaper.
  • Contacted the owner if the property is tenants-occupied.
  • Sent pictures of the ugly house to the owner if he is an absentee landlord.
  • Called the city to complain about the nusiance.
  • Gotten neighbors to sign a petition in order to shame the owner.

Ultimately, if you can’t make the ugly house look better you just have to reflect the impact of this property on a lower asking price for your listing, now matter how good it looks compared to the house next door. The value of every home depends on the homes around it.

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