Do I have to do inspections before I sell my home?

No, only if you want the highest price for your home. If you don’t have it inspected before you put it on the market any buyer is going to want it inspected anyway (contractor’s inspection, pest control report, roof report, etc.). If they are unhappy with the findings they are likely to back out after about 2–3 weeks on the market or longer.

Now when you put it back in the MLS it will show as 30+ days on market so other buyers will wonder what’s wrong with it. The only buyers left will be looking to steal a home and make very low offers.

If you try to sell the home without allowing any inspections who’s going to want to buy it? It implies that there’s something very wrong with the property. You’d be lucky to get paid the value of the land because that’s all they can be sure of…

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