Can I look at homes to buy without my agent?

Yes. But, it leaves your agent out of the loop if you decide to make an offer. Your agent may not know any of the specifics about the property before the offer is made. Also, your agent is there to protect your interests including negotiating for the best price, helping you to identify property defects that are not readily apparent and obtaining inspections.

If you visit a property without your real estate agent and talk to the listing agent, you are speaking to an agent who, by law and contract, represents the seller’s interests. The listing agent’s job is to do everything possible to get the seller the best price and the best terms in a sale. This is like suing someone and then hiring their attorney to represent you…

In addition, in talking to the seller’s agent you may inadvertently say something that could easily hurt your bargaining position. NEVER talk with a seller or their agent when buying a home. ALWAYS go through your agent whose job it is to communicate with the other party and protect you.

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