What is the best lesson you learned as a real estate agent?

Solve problems one step at a time and never give up! Using this lesson I’ve been able to put together some of the most challenging real estate transactions because I refuse to get overwhelmed.

Many agents before me gave up or wouldn’t even try but I just focused on what needed to get done first. Once that was accomplished, I then determined what was the next problem to overcome and set about resolving that until the client eventually reached their goal.

As a result of my tenaciousness, a few of the seemingly impossible goals I have helped my clients achieve include:

  • Helping a client to buy his boyhood home which wasn’t even on the market.
  • Selling a fast food restaurant for top dollar that only had a month-to-month lease.
  • Getting a house sold and closed in under a month because the owner could not afford to make the next mortgage payment.
  • Using creative financing to help several clients buy a new home before their old home had been sold.
  • Selling a large luxury home that only had one bedroom on the main floor by converting an office into a living space.
  • Using unique marketing to get a record-setting price for a home in a city known to be one of the most dangerous places in America.

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