What are some tricks that real estate photographers use to sell houses?

The goal of real estate photography is to attract as many potential buyers to a property as possible since most people start their search on the internet. Attractive photos are the key to grabbing and keeping the attention of web surfers.

Real estate photographers often use wide angle lenses so that rooms appear to be larger than they really are. This is particular prevalent in cramped quarters like bathrooms. This is a common technique in real estate photography and most buyers are accepting of of this practice.

Good photographers use multiple portable flash units to provide more even lighting for a scene. These are electronically synchronized to the camera shutter.

The most controversial aspect of real estate photography is the use of editing software programs like Photoshop to change the image. Should you make the grass in the front yard greener than it really is or eliminate high tension wires running through the backyard?

Making the grass a bit greener shows what it could look like if you watered it more but removing power lines makes a big difference in how people might feel about the property. Editing real estate photos should be done just to enhance the beauty of the image but not mislead buyers by portraying something that is different from reality. Where that line is no one is quite sure and you don’t want to find out in court!

I believe that if the change would alter the buyer’s decision to visit the property you’ve probably crossed the line. When in doubt, don’t do it!

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