7 Ways To Know It’s Time To Downsize

Seven ways to know it’s time to downsize:

  1. You have to text your spouse to find out if they’re in the house.
  2. Your kids AND your grandkids have moved in with you.
  3. To cover your entire house you have a cell tower in your backyard.
  4. Your bathroom and kitchen are in different zip codes.
  5. Your garage is an airplane hanger.
  6. The maid gets travel expenses, inside the house.
  7. You need a bus transfer to get from the front of the house to the back.

Obviously, downsizing your home is serious business but you’ve got to keep your sense of humor! If you have questions about downsizing contact me: Michael “Soon” Lee, CRS, GRI, (925) 864-8848 or michael@rogbmc.com.

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