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San Ramon City Quiz

Q – Who were the first occupants of San Ramon?

A – San Ramon was originally home to the Seunen Indians, Ohlone/Costanoans who lived next to the valley creeks.


Q – How did San Ramon get its name?

A – San Ramon Creek was named after an Indian vaquero, Ramon, who tended mission sheep here.  In an 1855 land title case, Don Amador explained that “San” was added to the creek’s name to conform with Spanish custom.


Q – When did American settlers first come to San Ramon?

A – In 1850 Leo and Mary Jane Norris purchased 4,450 acres of land from Amador.  Other early landowners were William Lynch, James Dougherty, and Major Samuel Russell. Do these names sound familiar?


Q – Where did San Ramon first develop?

A – The first village developed at the intersection of today’s Deerwood Road and San Ramon Valley Blvd.


Q – When and how did the city officially become called “San Ramon”?

A – In 1873 a permanent post office was finally established and it was called “San Ramon”.


Q – What was the original main industry of San Ramon and the Tri-Valley?

A – Agriculture until suburban development began.


Q – What was the population of San Ramon for most of its formative years?

A –  100 people


Q – What was the population of the Tri-Valley for most of its formative years?

A –  2,000 people


Q – In what year was the new Interstate 680 freeway was completed through San Ramon to Dublin?

A –  1966


Q – What company was the first major developer in San Ramon?

A – In 1970 Western Electric purchased 1,733 acres of the Bishop Ranch and proposed a “new town” complete with a variety of housing, green belts, stores and light industry, placed in the center of San Ramon. In 1978, 585 acres became today’s Bishop Ranch Business Park, a premier modern office development.


Q – When did San Ramon become an official city?

A – In 1983 voters decided overwhelmingly to incorporate as a separate city and took control over development, police, parks and other services.


Q – How many postal zip codes are in San Ramon, CA?

A – Two. 94582 and 94583.


Information from the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, 205 Railroad Ave., Danville 94562  (925) 837-3750,www.museumsrv.org.  More historical information is available at the museum.


If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Tri-Valley please contact Michael “Soon” Lee, CRS, GRI at (925) 864-8848 or michael@rogbmc.com.

Michael "Soon" Lee, CRS, GRI
Michael “Soon” Lee, CRS, GRI

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