How is working with older clients different?

You must be more patient and respectful when working with older home buyers and sellers. They may not move or think as quickly as younger people but it doesn’t mean that they’re not capable or smart. You also have to respect the fact that they have a great deal of life experience. I have learned a great deal from my older clients that has served me well over the years!

To avoid confusing or overwhelming them I break down what needs to be done into small, measurable tasks with deadlines. For example I might say to a seller, “By Friday you agree to put all of the cothes in the spare bedroom into moving boxes. Is that correct?” This way they have a complete game plan of every step necessary to get their house ready for sale by a specific date.

For older home buyers I help them through the paperwork needed to obtain a loan and then we start a systematic search for a house that meets their needs.

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